“As a medical doctor with recurrent low back issues, I have tried a number of treatments including chiropractic, injections, stretches, myofascial releases, supplements, etc. Some work but only temporarily. I sought out “Pain Free PETE.” After the first session with him, I not only responded while I was there but I understood what were the issues. I learned how to keep my low back healthy. I send nearly everyone who reports back issues for his consultation and care. Like me, they have all responded favorably.”

Jeremy E. Kaslow, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.A.A.I.

With herniated discs in my back confirmed by an MRI I was in a great deal of pain and playing tennis was out of the question. I worked with PETE and within 2 weeks I was back on the tennis court and feeling great. Thanks

Dr. Babak Pezeshki M.D.

I consider it one of life’s privileges to have become one of Pete’s clients. He truly changed the course of my life.

Bill Courter, MD

If you’re looking to prevent and heal injuries, you’ve got to take the time to see Pete. He will help your body perform and function the way it’s supposed to. He has helped me get rid of various injuries as I play on the Champions Tour and that’s why I have recommended him to so many people. Thanks Pete!

Michael Chang French Open Champion, former #2 in the World

I am a Professional tennis player and Hip pain was stopping me from being able to play. I sought out five (5) different Orthopedic Surgeons for an answer. ALL of them said I needed surgery and I was ready to schedule it. Luckily I was referred to PETE and within a few short weeks I was back on the court and PAIN FREE. NO SURGERY! It was an absolute miracle!

Michael McClune — ATP Tour Player

The first half-marathon I ran after working with PETE, I felt like I was running in someone else’s body. He has an astonishing, unique gift to “read” your body and heal your pain. Give him one session and you’ll have your life and body back.

Michael Levin- New York Times bestselling author

Herniated discs in my back were causing me a great deal of pain. Pete got me pain free in no time!
Now I’m back to what I love……….running Ultra Marathons.

Jakob Herrmann—Ultra Marathoner (50 miles)

As a aging Baby Boomer PETE has helped me get my body back to a point of enjoying Golf again without drugs!
Thanks, PETE!

Bob Hunt President, Duffy Boats, CA.

My experience with Pain Free PETE’s therapy has been extraordinary. PETE is the only one whose therapy solved my back problem completely and permanently. I can now lead a normal life and not have to worry about the pain returning.

Dave Costine

If it wasn’t for PETE I wouldn’t be playing tennis!

Debbie Cruttenden

I had various aches and pain that I contributed to “just getting older”. PETE has taken at least 10 years off my body and I feel and move better than ever! Thanks PETE!

Dr. Bruce Whittaker—Newport Hills Animal Hospital

I literally came in on crutches after a bike accident. After an hour with PETE I walked out with them under my arm. Believe me, this therapy works!’

Adam Miller

Pain free PETE gave me my life back! I cannot imagine a life without Pain Free PETE.

Michelle Steinhardt

Working out with Pain Free PETE has totally changed my figure and my golf swing. I’m 73 and he gave me a 20 year old butt and a single digit handicap. I’m not kidding! I no longer have aches and pains.

Louise Bellisimo

I am very grateful for PETE’s expertise and healthful example in alleviating the suffering I had endured due to a neck injury. PETE’S therapy provided me with a natural method to heal myself! Thank you, PETE!

Janet Stoneman

I came to PETE for help regaining strength after a long surgical recovery… and I got so much more than I expected: Most strikingly, I really felt physically something like a kid again – with that sheer joy in movement I’d almost completely forgotten! I’m 50, so that’s saying something. I’m Super grateful to PETE and his deep knowledge of the mechanics of the human body, and skill in setting things right.

Linda Palmer

Pain Free PETE explained that my golfer’s elbow was a result of compensation from other parts of my body. After about four weeks I was back on the tennis court and have been playing ever since. My body feels strong and ready for more.
I’m fortunate to have found Pain Free PETE

Gary Newton

PETE is an absolute miracle worker

Allan Iverson

I worked with PETE both before and after my double hip surgery. He helped me restore my body and get me FIT. I am now back on the tennis court both Coaching and playing high level tennis and have already won a singles tournament. I could not have done it without PETE!

Peter Davidson—Coach & Player

When I came to PETE I was in severe pain caused by a herniated disc. My body was extremely crooked and I felt like I was 100 years old. Within one hour Pete had me straight and feeling great again. I highly recommend seeing him as he is like no other. He also showed me some very easy things to do to help me maintain my body and keep me out of pain. Thanks PETE!

Bunny Brunel- World Class Bass player

I severely dis-located my shoulder in a weightlifting accident. I could barely move my shoulder. The Surgeon said I damaged my labrum and that it would be months before I would recover. He also said it would be likely I will need surgery. Within 10 days PETE restored my shoulder and gave me full range of motion. My return visit MRI showed that my Labrum had completely healed. Thanks PETE

Braden Granard

I worked with PETE both before and after my double hip surgery. He helped me restore my body and get me FIT. I am now back on the tennis court both Coaching and playing high level tennis and have already won a singles tournament. I could not have done it without PETE!

Peter Davidson – Coach and Player

I had a bone spur growing out of the bottom of my heel. It was so painful I couldn’t put any pressure on my foot and was told I should have surgery. I worked with PETE and within 2 weeks I was back running again. Thanks PETE!

Scott Denick — Entrepreneur

I had severe knee pain and could hardly walk. Within two days after working with PETE my knee was 90% better and in a week and a half I was back on the tennis court. I call PETE “The Knee Whisperer”

Ron Packouz – Senior VP

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pain free secrets book

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