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pain free secrets book
pain free secrets book

FITNESS with Structure

Structural fitness. The key to a truly fit body.

Would you work out ½ of your body?

Let’s talk about the inner axial muscles. These are the deep muscles layered in and around the pelvis, shoulders, and spine. They are responsible for holding (or not holding) the skeleton in its proper anatomical position. They comprise over 65% of the muscles of the body. When you are only working out a portion of your body’s muscles, your body will experience an imbalance. We can teach you the proper way to do fitness. Contact us today!

When your workouts don’t include whole body natural motion and movement using just your body weight, you will be creating gross imbalances between your major and minor movers (bicep, triceps, quadriceps, calves, and hamstrings, etc.), and your deep structural (inner axial) musculature. To avoid this, consult with us and we can put you on the road to proper structural fitness. Contact us today! [GET A FREE 1ST SESSION]

Perfect Fitness Requires Proper Form

Without the proper form, your method of fitness could be affecting your equilibrium. In turn, this will affect stability, balance, stamina, and cause a bad anatomical position (posture), ultimately leading to pain and injury. If you notice that one side of your body hurts more than the other side, this is probably why. You wouldn’t exercise only the right half of your body. You would never work only the legs and never your arms. Unfortunately, when it comes to our outer muscles and our deep structural muscles, that is exactly what most people do. If you do this, you may be doing more harm to yourself than good. Contact us today for a consultation.

Working Out Properly

Ever do some workouts and have soreness on one side only? This is because you are not aware of how the body works. To do good for the body, one must work out properly. Most of us that go to the gym focus almost entirely on the outer muscles and ignore the deep musculature. You have to focus on both. Obviously, those outer muscles are important. If you are a football or rugby player, a boxer or wrestler, you will need to pack on an “outer shell” of major muscles. Please don’t neglect your structural muscles during this process. This imbalance will cause instability in your skeletal structure, which will increase your chances of injury or pain. Want to learn more about structural fitness?



Super Gyms are not that Super

Most people using the modern “super gyms” are ruining their bodies…and they don’t even know it.

I call these super gyms “babysitter gyms.” WHY?…

They start with a huge empty building and then call in the “babysitters”—the poorly designed machines that gym members use. These can include the seated leg press, lying hamstring curl, lat pull-down, sitting bicep curl, chest press, overhead press, triceps extension, leg extension, leg curl, hip adduction machine (inside thigh), hip abduction machine (outside leg), pectoral fly, calf raise, ab crunch, treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bikes, and more.

Usually, when you isolate a muscle during a workout you are, by default, creating an imbalance of musculature. This imbalance creates negative skeletal positional changes, which will, eventually, cause injury and pain. Remember, the best exercise is running, jumping, leaping, climbing, crawling, pushing, and pulling using your natural body weight. In other words, you must move your body naturally if you want to maintain physical health.

Personally, I don’t use machines or weights for my workouts. Even as a baby boomer, I’m able to maintain an excellent fitness level and muscle tone with all-natural motion while most of my contemporaries are in pain, limping around, and getting surgeries. I know how to exercise properly, and this is what I teach.

Let’s consider some of the machines and the problem with using them.

Hip abduction/Abduction machine

In this machine, you sit down and move your legs outward or inward against a weighted bar. Although this machine looks cool, like it should be beneficial, the machine places a tremendous load on your body in an unnatural movement and motor pattern. In real life, your body would never move in this pattern especially when loaded with weight. This exercise causes major imbalances in your alignment and will lead to further dysfunction of your body and hip joints. Chances are if you have been using this machine, you could already have done some damage. Contact us for a free consultation.

Leg press machine

The leg press machine also places tremendous pressure on your body. It forces an unnatural motor and movement pattern in the spine, hips, knees, and ankle joints. Your body would never require you to bear this amount of load in such a compromised position. It will have to compensate for this improper training position, which will contribute to injury. Why did they develop such a machine? It is definitely not natural for us. Learn how to work out the right way. Contact us for a free consultation today!


Leg extension machine

This machine requires you to push your lower leg forward with a tremendous amount of weight. This would never happen in real life! Isolating musculature will always cause imbalance and dysfunction in the body contributing to injury.

Pectoral fly

The pectoral fly machine creates the same dysfunction as the hip abduction/adduction machine, only with the arms and shoulders. You would never use this movement and motor pattern in real life, let alone, with such tremendous loads, and using a machine such as this will further compromise your poor skeletal position, increasing your chance for injury. Don’t get injured!


The treadmill is excellent for cardiovascular health. If this is the only way for you to get this type of fitness, then, by all means, continue. However, be aware that you will be creating some musculature imbalances that will need to be fixed before they get worse. Lifting the leg for your stride is a natural motion, but when you plant and extend your leg behind you, it is greatly assisted by the motorized belt platform. Once you plant your foot, the machine will do most of the work on the extension of the leg behind you. The muscles on the front of the leg will be worked substantially more the muscles on the back of the leg. Over time, this will create a great imbalance. The better choice is natural running or fast (power) walking.


The elliptical machine is applauded because there is no pressure on the body as you perform the exercise. However, resistance or gravity is not something we should try to avoid. Resistance training should be an integral part of any fitness regimen. You should be using gravity and touching the ground with your hands and feet during the process. A simple two-inch jump off the floor is resistance training. A whole-body push-up is even better.

The elliptical offers no resistance (gravity). The biggest problem with the elliptical machine is easily seen from the side. The motion this machine creates forces the pelvis, knee, ankle, and foot to move in an unnatural pattern by greatly shortening or abbreviating the forward and reverse strides. If you were to super-impose this pattern against someone walking or running, the movement pattern of the elliptical would look very strange. This artificial movement pattern will cause your mover muscles to shorten and tighten, and you will take this compromised condition into your everyday activity. Of course, again, if this is the only way for you to work your cardiovascular system, then continue with it. Just be aware of its potential harms.

Bike (stationary or recumbent)

The bike seems to be a harmless piece of equipment, but in reality, it will cause some real imbalances in your musculature. The rounded upper back position, along with the flexed (tilted back) pelvis position, will place unnatural demand on the glutes, hamstrings, and quads. This poor pelvic position will also greatly reduce your body’s ability to recruit your glutes and place a greater demand on the quads and hip flexor muscles. Future pain conditions will surely come your way. down on the exercise machines to do isolated exercise. Whole body is the way to go.

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