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pain free secrets book

The SPINE: Back and Neck Pain

Back and Neck pain can come on you like a thief in the night. It only takes a dimes’ weight of pressure on a nerve to send you through the roof. So let’s think about this. Why would there be a dimes’ worth of pressure on the nerves in the human body? If you are having increasing amounts of back and neck pain, please contact us today!

It doesn’t take much shifting, twisting, bending or turning in the wrong skeletal position to cause this small pressure on your nerves. The pressure on the nerves causing pain, may be going down your legs, arms, or just localized in a particular area in the back, hip, or neck region. When your spinal column is in the wrong position and there is pressure on the discs, it will begin to wear this “cartilage” we call Discs out. There is also grave danger to the spinal cord because of the shifting of vertebrae. Our bodies are highly intelligent. They are always in the process of trying to heal and repair. If you are feeling pain, it could be that this is happening to you right now! Our specialized realignment procedure will help.

Our bodies will miraculously clamp down or create a ”cast” to prevent the spinal column from moving because of the dangerous position that it’s in.

This is why when you wake up in the morning your back or neck is extremely tight, and you can barely bend over or turn your head to the side. This is proof positive that your spine is in the wrong position! This certainly makes it difficult to do simple things such as go to the toilet, put on your shoes and socks, or just move about in general.

As you continue your morning you begin to feel a little better as your body tries to create a better position. Your body is also releasing pain relieving and healing chemicals from your brain in an attempt to feel better.

Taking over-the-counter pain relievers such as Advil, Aleve, Tylenol, aspirin, and anti-inflammatories etc. will STOP your body from producing its natural healing substances.

DON’T depend on drugs that will ruin your kidneys and liver in the long-run, get to the root of the problem. Contact us today!

No one ever has a Back or Neck problem

This might be confusing so let me repeat, no one ever has a back or neck problem, the pain is simply the symptom of the head being forward of the neck and shoulders, the shoulders rounded and hinged forward, and the pelvic girdle elevated, rotated or tilting forwards/ backwards etc. of its intended neutral position. The spine is simply a spring being told what to do by the head position, shoulder girdle position, and pelvic girdle positions. There should be a 4° range of motion and movement in between each and every one of our vertebrae. When our “spring” is in the wrong position we lose the 4° range of motion at certain levels, whether it’s the Neck, Mid back or Low back. If you need us to correct your spinal position, contact us today!

Feeling Pain? This is Why

The compression on the disc causes protrusion into the nerve canal and then causes pressure on the nerve. You may experience pain down the leg from the low back or down the arm from the neck. This is why I say no one ever has a back or neck problem! I don’t care how many massages you get, how much core work you do, or what modality you use such as Pilates or yoga, in less you systematically, intelligently and purposefully change the head, shoulder and pelvic positions you will, in fact, continue to create bone Spurs, calcification (Stenosis) and arthritis. These conditions are due to the friction caused by the bones being in the wrong position. Disc degeneration, bulging or herniated discs, sciatica, pressure on your nerves and all other maladies of the spinal column are also caused by this mis-alignment. Let us help make this better for you.

Do you Need Back Surgery?

Many of these spine issues are treated with surgery. You can go get the spinal column operated on and when you get off the operating table nothing has really changed. In fact, the root issue and the root cause of why you ended up there in the first place will still exist. This is not rocket science. It is just back to basics. We must learn that the body heals and repairs itself if you give it the proper stimulus. We can help assess if your spinal issues are repairable without surgery. Contact us today!

Is Surgery Inevitable for your Case?

Are some people too far down the road and need a spinal column surgery? Well, the answer to that is unequivocally yes! If you’re in the wrong position for many years, and now you’re 72 years old with severe back or neck pain, advanced bone growth in the spinal canal or Foraminal outlet, severe wearing of your discs, etc., then yes, you may need to get surgery to address the issues. However, if you do not step up and change the position of the spine before and after the surgery, I’m afraid you will just end up in trouble again.

Before surgery on your back or neck is performed, you will be required to fill out a thick stack of papers which, among other things, authorizes your surgeon to proceed with more advanced levels of surgeries if he deems it necessary. In other words, you could be going in for a simple discectomy and end up getting your vertebrae fused. While it may seem like a good idea to give your surgeon carte blanche to do as he pleases, it can lead to more problems. I have had several patients who have come in to see me where this exact scenario occurred. We trust our surgeons to have our best interest in mind. However, they often perform repeat back surgeries on the same patient, so they may decide to simply fuse the back and save you both another visit to the surgery table. The financial motivation for this added procedure is significant, with the surgeon collecting an additional $20,000 to $30,000 for each level that he fuses or each additional procedure that he performs. Of course, your surgeon may be correct and you might actually need the additional procedure, however, as you will read on, the very nature of the surgeries will eventually require the next surgery. (Remember, I am not here to make friends but instead, to reveal the absolute reality.) If you would like a complimentary consultation to discuss this further. Contact us today.

The most disturbing statistic is that 80% of all spinal column surgery patients are right back in pain within two years.

This is due to the fact that the spine’s poor position is never addressed, which is the real issue in the first place. If you were allowed to actually survey the patient list of any Orthopedic Doctor, you would find that this statistic would be supported. Unfortunately, this information is cloaked in a doctor/patient confidentiality condition and will never be revealed by them.

Types of Back and Neck Surgeries:

Discectomy: In a discectomy, the surgeon removes all or part of the disc. The disc may be bulging or it might have “slipped” and this cushion that separates the vertebrae may press on a spinal nerve and cause pain. A discectomy can be done through a large incision or through a smaller incision using tools from outside the body. A discectomy may be part of a larger surgery that includes laminectomy, foraminotomy, or spinal fusion (more on those next).

Laminectomy/Laminotomy: In this surgery, a surgeon removes part (laminotomy) or all (laminectomy) of the lamina,( the vertebral bone). Bone spurs or calcification may have grown on the bone in the spine. This surgery relieves pressure on spinal nerves that may be causing pain or weakness. However, these procedures will also cause the spine to be less stable. If the spinal bones become unstable, a spinal fusion is usually performed. Spinal fusion may also be performed at the same time as laminectomy.

Spinal Fusion: In a spinal fusion, a surgeon joins the vertebrae together using (in layman’s terms) nuts, bolts, screws, and rods. This fusion restricts motion between the bones of the spine. Reduced spinal motion in two to four levels of the spine will eventually stress the other vertebrae because the unfused vertebrae must facilitate the motion that the fused vertebrae can no longer perform. So while some vertebrae are “fixed,” the others are now working overtime! Meaning…another surgery might be in your future after a spinal fusion. One risk unique to spinal fusion surgery is incomplete fusion, which can require additional surgery.

Disc Replacement: This is a more specialized process and is separate from the previous progression of spine surgeries. In artificial disc replacement, a surgeon removes a damaged spinal disc and inserts an artificial disc between the vertebrae. Disc replacement permits continued motion of the spine however, it is gaining popularity as an alternative to spinal fusion. But again, with this surgery, you are restricting the body’s natural movement and might be then transferring pressure over to different vertebrae, causing pain to return. Recovery time for a disc replacement may be shorter than a spinal fusion in many people. As with any foreign object placed inside the body, there is a small risk of the device dislodging or failing or being rejected.

Foraminotomy: During a Foraminotomy, a surgeon cuts away bone at the sides of vertebrae to widen the space where nerve roots exit the spine. The enlarged space may relieve pressure on the nerves, thereby relieving pain. A Foraminotomy will most likely result in reduced stability of the spine, similar to what happens in a laminectomy. A spinal fusion may be done at the same time to prevents the spine from becoming unstable.

If you would like to avoid surgery, contact us today!

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