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pain free secrets book

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Pain Management vs. Anatomical Therapy™

If you are looking for a holistic pain management method that is local and can help you with your pain management efficiently and effectively without medication, you are in the right place. In our Profession, by the time you get referred to “Pain Management” you are in real trouble. This means that it is likely you have exhausted most of your pain managing resources. Maybe you have tried several methods and modalities that have not worked. At Pain Free PETE we have been treating pain holistically for over 18 years via a special process we have coined Anatomical Therapy. ™ Anatomical therapy is our highly effective holistic method of using certain exercises, stretches, and static positions, done in a certain order and sequence, while recruiting the deep structural muscles to alleviate pain.

Want to truly manage your pain or even get rid of it?

What is “Traditional” Pain Management? 

Traditional pain management is the “Hospice” of skeletal/ musculature conditions. Pain management is focused on aggressive drugs and injections. Typically, pain management means they are going to prescribe more potent drugs and injections and other drugs to mask and disguise your pain symptoms. You see, usually pain management is all about trying to make you as comfortable as possible considering your condition. Many people have already endured multiple surgeries and taken many rounds of pain -relieving drugs and anti-inflammatories and nerve block injections. Epidurals injections and opioids medications may be part of the pain management protocols. We do things differently

How Anatomical Therapy™ helps your Pain Management? 

Anatomical Therapy™ is an extremely efficient method ofpain management. It is a holistic process of using certain exercises, stretches, and static positions, done in a certain order and sequence to alleviate pain, while recruiting the Deep Structural Muscles. This will restore the Natural Blueprint of the body. By doing so, you relieve the stresses, tugs, and pulls on the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. This will allow for fast healing of injuries and avoid future injuries and Pain. More importantly, it restores the shoulder joint position, hip joint position, knee joint position and ankle joint position. This will automatically re-set your spine’s natural position and correct many of the issues you may have with your spine. Ultimately this will allow you to live truly pain free with more flexibility and more joy.

Want to learn more about how?

Injections for Pain Management are Short Lived

One of the main recommendations for pain management treatment is injection therapies. Many doctors prescribe different injections to treat injuries and pain. The common thread amongst these injections is that, at best, you will get a benefit for about six months. There are two major flaws that all injection treatments have: many have only a six-month benefit, if any benefit at all. In addition, all of them DO NOT have long-term double-blind studies proving their effectiveness and are only yielding temporary results at best! There is nothing inherently wrong with the injections. My issue with them is that they don’t address the real problem of your pain which is the compromised position of the skeleton. Injections too, are purely Symptom-Based Treatments. If you really want to treat your pain properly rather than just manage it and live day to day, then contact us today. 

Typical Pain Management Procedures such as Spinal Decompression

Mechanical Spinal decompression and inversion tables are pain management technics that many chiropractors and others recommend.

There are two major issues with these technics. Here is why.

Spinal decompression is another treatment that does not adequately address the body’s pain issues and can even cause more damage. I’m often asked about it and its effectiveness. There are two types of spinal decompression:

  1. Inversion tables where you hang upside down by your ankles.
  2. Expensive machines found in chiropractic offices, which cost thousands of dollars for treatments

In my experience, the decompression machines and inversion tables don’t accomplish what you might think, which is natural vertebrae separation. The decompression machines will overstretch the spinal ligaments and cause spinal instability. The inversion tables can also damage your body. How can your spine be decompressed by hanging upside down if you are clipped in by your ankles? The first pull is going to be on the ankle joint, the second pull is on your knee joint, and the third pull is on your hip joint. Unless you are able to hold the pelvic girdle at the point where it connects with the spinal column, true decompression will never take place. However, the bigger problem is that the Psoas muscles are the only musculature that attaches the upper body to the lower body. When you hang upside down, this musculature goes into emergency mode and tightens up to hold the body together.

When the Psoas muscles are on lockdown and have tightened up, they will pull on the back and hip differently from the left side to the right side, the front side to the back side, and the upper body to the lower body, which will cause all kinds of havoc in your body. This response will continue as you get back on your feet. This is the last thing someone with back pain needs. If you would like a solution that has worked for my clients for 18 + years, contact us.

We offer a NATURAL and HOLISTIC three- stage spinal decompression that you can do easily at home with no equipment or artificial machines.

Looking for Holistic Pain Management Experts?

Now that you understand what true pain management is and can see how our method of Anatomical Therapy™ can help, we would love to help you. If you would like to prevent the wearing of your cartilage in your joints, then we are here for you. Let us help you eliminate the pressure on your nerves and halt further degeneration of spinal discs with our special holistic methods.  

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