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The Shoulder

Every time I read something about the shoulder joints there is talk about how complicated and complex the joint is. In my opinion, this is not the case. It is actually a simply designed miraculous part of the human body. If you are having pain in your shoulder joints, we can help. Be sure to contact us today!

What Shoulder Joints are

Shoulder joints comprise of 3 basic parts.

1) The shoulder blade which should glide and rotate around the rib cage on the backside of the body,

2) The collarbone which acts as a lever and moves side to side and back and forth.

3) The shoulder joint is a simple ball and socket joint and should move comfortably up and down, side to side, and round and round.

These three components are responsible for all of the motion and movement from the shoulder to the elbow and then into the wrist. All of these components act as a team for any motion and movement of your arm. This is why it often goes through wear and tear. If you are pain, contact us today!


How Shoulder Joints Get Affected

One of the biggest problems is that we live in an electronic age where we are hunching over our computers and laptops, leaning over the steering wheel of our cars, and checking our smart phones every five minutes. The sofa is one of our worst enemies’ as we watch 500 channels of wasteland TV, movies and video games. This causes” roundness” or a “turtle back” shape of the upper back and shoulder area. The shoulder joints are now “hinged forward”. When this takes place the shoulder blades become spread apart and locked. In this position they can no longer recruit the proper musculature to move and can no longer work properly. If you are experiencing pain in your shoulder joints, we can help.


When the shoulder blades do not work and can’t articulate around our rib cage, we are now asking our shoulder joints to facilitate un-natural motion and movement while in this compromised position. The main shoulder musculature that wraps around the shoulder joint is embedded in the shoulder blade on the back side. It is all connected. When the shoulder blade is not moving properly the shoulder joint musculature, ligaments, and tendons are pulled, tugged, yanked, and strained causing many possible conditions.

This huge scenario is the ROOT CAUSE of all the stuff that goes wrong with the shoulder joint

Some Common Shoulder Conditions:

Rotator cuff tears are caused by too much pull on the musculature due to the shoulder being in a forward position and the shoulder blade not working correctly.

Tendinitis is undue stress on the tendons of the shoulder assembly caused by poor position and function.

Shoulder Impingement is simply caused by the hinged-forward shoulder position and shoulder blade dysfunction. This mechanical and positional problem does not allow the ball and socket shoulder joint to move freely due to its poor position.

Arthritis is caused when the shoulder joint is not in its intended ball and socket position. The improper alignment will grind at the cartilage and wear it down. This is what we call an arthritic shoulder.

Degenerative Joint Disease is the advanced condition of the arthritic shoulder.

Torn labrum can occur when the shoulder joint is stressed and in the wrong position. The labrum is the lining of the shoulder socket, and it can be torn or frayed when the joint operates in the improper position.

Bone Spurs are formed from friction created when parts of the shoulder joint rub improperly. The friction can occur between two bones, the tendons and bones, the muscles and bones, or between ligaments and bone. Since we know that poor position causes this friction, if you change the position and stop the friction, the bone spurs will most likely dissolve and restore the joint.

Frozen Shoulder is a classic “If you don’t use it, you lose it” scenario. When the shoulder joint and shoulder blade are in an improper position for too long, eventually they will simply stop working. They won’t be able to perform their basic movement patterns. The shoulder blades begin to spread apart and lock down when in this position. They can no longer recruit the muscular. In addition, the ball and socket shoulder joint is hinged forward, which creates a huge disconnect in all the moving parts. As this condition persists the shoulder assembly mysteriously stops working. It is not able to perform its basic movement patterns.

Degenerative Joint Disease occurs when advanced arthritis starts to break down cartilage and possibly the bones of the joint.

All shoulder joint injuries and wear and tear are caused by the poor position of the shoulder joint.

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